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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tiny Pieces 13

"Opalescent  Tide" / Miki Ohno

Torn Japanese colored paper and acrylic resin on a 2 inch square paper board.
This one came out because one Japanese comment on this series Tiny Pieces 10 happened to remind me of subtle opalescent colors which have been my most favorite.  Opalescent colors can be shown by certain color compositions or layers of thin papers with acrylic resin with lightings.  Even though those colors can be found easily among minerals, shells and wings in nature,  I' d like to create and seal them in my works.  It is funny that many painters are eager to fake and deform some parts of nature and frame them.  I think it's an enjoyable part of art appreciation to see the gap between the fake and the real, and to feel the artists' eagerness for such imitation.

先日、Tiny Pieces 10miyuさんからシェルパール色の使用についてコメントを頂いたことから、お気に入りの微妙なオパール色を今回あらためて表現したく思いました。オパール色は、色構成を工夫して和紙を何枚か重ねた層にアクリル樹脂をからめ、そこに光を透過させると現れることがあります。鉱物や貝殻、昆虫の羽など、本物の遊色効果を自然界で容易に目にすることはできるのですが、あえて自分なりに作って箱庭的空間へ封じ込めたいと思うのです。絵を描く多くの人達が、自然界の一部を模倣し、ゆがめて額に入れたいという衝動をもっています。作品鑑賞する側からみると、模倣された物と本物とのギャップ、そして模倣したがる作者のこだわりを見つけるのも面白いものです。


  1. I like who you think of,"sealing",
    your colored surface textures. It
    works in a way that is poetic, as
    well as a recognition of future
    spectators of your work.

  2. Thank you. Every painters might expect sharing their work with others, while sealing or freezing their images on canvases, as if trying to show "This is how I'm concerned with this world".

  3. it is a way of making a statement
    about is poetic in that
    way. Like the opposite to a Tibetan
    sand mandala painting which is not
    allowed to last beyond the point
    when it is finished.

  4. Romantic & beautiful

  5. Love your work, glad I happened upon it!

  6. miyuさん、こちらこそありがとうございます。鑑賞の領域が味覚、嗅覚にまで及ぶあたり、miyuさんは繊細な日本人の感覚をお持ちだと思います。西欧絵画はどちらかというと脂っぽいか乾燥している画面が多い様に感じるので、私は国民性を活かして、みずみずしく時に美味しそうな画面の質感を追求したいと思います。

  7. Thank you William, I feel also lucky to know your blog.
    The dynamic strokes and textures in your works are inspiring.

  8. I am intrigued by your imaginative and unique use of materials and scale. You are breaking new ground while maintaining a connection with your heritage. I feel we are on the same path. Keep pushing.