Artwork journals with Japanese colored papers.

Artwork journals with Japanese colored papers.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Familiar landscape

I've started a new piece which got the first layer as below.
It looks quite familiar landscape to me, with my favorite neutral tints.  It tells me the landing point is not too far this time.


Ziggy said, "Not bad."

Sunday, April 22, 2012


"Circus"/Miki Ohno

Torn Japanese colored paper and acrylic resin on 14.33 × 20.28 inches paper board.

Since those two other balls besides the first blue one appeared, they became more
like decorative paper balls for festive occasions, rather than fantastic plants.

Another reason of the title "Circus" occurred from this tiny flag-shaped part.

I couldn't help putting up those three extra flags, to enhance my retrospective view of circus.

In that temporary tent under falling confetti and illumination, their program might be held on this small scale.  

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Struggling with balls

Let me paste the progress of "Fantastic Plants 4"from the beginning...
前々回アップした"Fantastic Plants 4"の経過を始めからたどってみます...

It seems like to have reached the stage of what I call "Oh, no!  This time will be a total failure.  Never be completed.".  
Now it's time to struggle with those three balls lining up stupidly.

The fourth ball is doing fine.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Goodbye Fantastic Plants 3

My previous work titled "Fantastic Plants 3"was sent to Artexpo New York 2012 held last month.  I didn't intend to sell it and put no price on, but the agent sold it at 500 dollars as someone wanted it.  I felt a little sad about this accident due to my carelessness of unspecified statement, but my friend told me that I can keep creating better pieces, which surely sounded right.  And I appreciate someone over the US purchased my humble piece.
先月ニューヨークで開催されたアートエキスポNYに出品した"Fantastic Plants 3"が知らないうちに500ドルで売れていました。非売の表示を明確にしなかった私のミスですが、描いたばかりでろくに見ていなかったので少し寂しい気持ちになりました。友人から「これからもっと良いものを描けばいいよ」と言われ、確かにそうだと思いました。また、拙品を購入してくださった方に感謝します。
"Fantastic Plants 3"