Painting Journals with Japanese colored papers.
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Sunday, January 9, 2022

Planet 2201


Planet 2201

Torn Japanese colored paper and acrylic resin on 15 inch diameter circular plate.

I have been fascinated by the scenery of the microcosm that happens to appear on the cross section of minerals or the surface of Asian pottery for many years.
Since it wasn't quite enough to please me to appreciate precious stones, ceramic works, the surface of the lake where ice had melted and the decayed walls, I began to create such scenery by myself with Japanese paper and resin.
I'd like to create multi-layered texture which doesn't look artificial, but natural texture created by chance and passage of time.
Therefore, I came up with the technique of tearing and pasting Japanese paper so that no artificial brush strokes would remain.
Until the moment when the texture seems to be absolutely right, I keep stacking layers of Japanese paper.
The right moment is when the scenery makes me forget time and feel like to live in the microcosm.
On this piece, which imitates a fictional planet, while traveling to various points with your eyes, you can sit on a textured part like a cliff with a sharp edge, or get lost in thought at a place that looks like a waterside. There is a lot of fun here and there.
You can take a look deep into the layers, or run your eyes in parallel to think of a country somewhere far away.
The spatial axis of foreign countries or another planet intersects with the imaginary time axis of past history, sad memories, and the utmost happiness that someone (or some creature) will experience in the future. At this point, the moment feels like eternity.