Painting Journals with Japanese colored papers.
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Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy thoughts in winter

Expectation of Spring 2"Miki Ohno

Torn Japanese colored paper and acrylic resin on 5.83 × 8.27 inches paper board.
14.8cm×21cm  ペーパーボードに和紙・アクリル樹脂

The more it gets freezing cold outside, warmer image comes up in me.  As animals getting ready for hibernation, every happy winter image like cute little flowers, clear blue sky and buds under the snow are gathered and sealed in my thoughts with memories of fruity smell  from Christmas decorations. 


Here is another old song from late ’80s, played when I painted the piece above.


"On Retinae"/Dip in the Pool  

"Miracle Play"/Dip in the Pool 

Sunday, December 9, 2012


"Lake Onneto"Miki Ohno

Torn Japanese colored paper and acrylic resin on 14.33 × 20.28 inches paper board.
36.4cm×51.5cm ペーパーボードに和紙・アクリル樹脂

There has been a quiet lakeside view in me as my mental picture, where I often hang around.   Not so open and fluid as a river or the sea. It stays still silently to seal my emotional phases as joy, sorrow, and solitude.
This picture of the lake above actually exists nearby the place where I spent my childhood.  Its color looked exactly like this greenish blue.   Since my linguistic ability at that time had not been developed enough to name the view as "beauty", I just kept standing at the lakeside with my eyes widely opened, just like animals instinctively grasp the significance of their existence without a word.   

Lake reminded me of this old song.

"Lake"/Anna Domino 1987

Saturday, September 29, 2012

End of summer

"Sinking"Miki Ohno

Torn Japanese colored paper and acrylic resin on 14.33 × 20.28 inches paper board.

Long summer is finally ending.
Ziggy went back into the box to sleep, which is also telling me autumn is here.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer hasn't gone yet

Above is the recent piece I've just started.  Mellow summer is sinking to the cool ocean depths.

Ziggy never comes on my lap but constantly observing my activities nearby, as if asking "Why and what for, you stupid human?"

Monday, July 16, 2012

Floating Garden 2

"Floating Garden2"Miki Ohno

Torn Japanese colored paper and acrylic resin on 36.4 × 51.5 inches paper board.

As plants glow luxuriantly in summer, so my garden does.
This painting has more space for juicy sunlight filtering down through the plants.

Now I have to start working on the next piece with more of cool colors as blue like every other years.
Creating those small worlds on canvas is necessary for me like keep breathing in it.

Ziggy is spending more time on the cool, aluminum sheet...
Here is the most weird posture I just can't pass without pushing his paw cushion.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Starting a new piece in rainy season

Above is a part of my new piece started recently.
Japanese rainy season lasts for about a month from late June, and it stays pretty humid until the end of Summer.  Climates effect a lot on vegetation, culture, scenery and our sensitivity.  I prefer painting something cool and watery even more than usual in this time of season.

Hunters rest under the rain.  Ziggy looks ennui in the blue colored paper box.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Every piece is a study piece

It started as above and ended as below.

"Floating Garden"

Torn Japanese colored paper and acrylic resin on 14.33 × 20.28 inches paper board.

I always intend to make the latest one as the best one while working on that piece, and the results determine me to do much better on the next piece.  Unsatisfied results imply future possibility of improvement, which sounds like healthy thought but a heavy burden to me.  Wish I get satisfied with a piece which I take as perfect enough to stay lazy. 

Laziness must be granted only to such a perfect being.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Puddles in the sky

"Puddles in the sky"Miki Ohno

Torn Japanese colored paper with acrylic resin on 14.33 × 20.28 inches paper board.

This piece worked as a study of the effects frequently used in my work.
Below Examples are magnified parts from the above image.

1. Creases and Wrinkles 
 Fine wrinkles are made before pasting, with paper pieces of rather hard texture. 

 Rough wrinkles and creased are made on the paper board while pasting.

 2. Minerals in section
     Textures like minerals in section is created by lining belt-shaped paper pieces.

3. Nougat and candies under ice
    It has been my favorite effect from long time ago.
    Colorful paper pieces are covered with milky-white paper pieces.    

4. Mosaics 
    I leave geometric patterns in some areas, as I find them in nature.
    Seams of each paper pieces fade into each other with acrylic resin.

Ziggy doesn't sleep in the boxes of colored papers these days.
Summer is getting closer.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Familiar landscape

I've started a new piece which got the first layer as below.
It looks quite familiar landscape to me, with my favorite neutral tints.  It tells me the landing point is not too far this time.


Ziggy said, "Not bad."

Sunday, April 22, 2012


"Circus"/Miki Ohno

Torn Japanese colored paper and acrylic resin on 14.33 × 20.28 inches paper board.

Since those two other balls besides the first blue one appeared, they became more
like decorative paper balls for festive occasions, rather than fantastic plants.

Another reason of the title "Circus" occurred from this tiny flag-shaped part.

I couldn't help putting up those three extra flags, to enhance my retrospective view of circus.

In that temporary tent under falling confetti and illumination, their program might be held on this small scale.  

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Struggling with balls

Let me paste the progress of "Fantastic Plants 4"from the beginning...
前々回アップした"Fantastic Plants 4"の経過を始めからたどってみます...

It seems like to have reached the stage of what I call "Oh, no!  This time will be a total failure.  Never be completed.".  
Now it's time to struggle with those three balls lining up stupidly.

The fourth ball is doing fine.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Goodbye Fantastic Plants 3

My previous work titled "Fantastic Plants 3"was sent to Artexpo New York 2012 held last month.  I didn't intend to sell it and put no price on, but the agent sold it at 500 dollars as someone wanted it.  I felt a little sad about this accident due to my carelessness of unspecified statement, but my friend told me that I can keep creating better pieces, which surely sounded right.  And I appreciate someone over the US purchased my humble piece.
先月ニューヨークで開催されたアートエキスポNYに出品した"Fantastic Plants 3"が知らないうちに500ドルで売れていました。非売の表示を明確にしなかった私のミスですが、描いたばかりでろくに見ていなかったので少し寂しい気持ちになりました。友人から「これからもっと良いものを描けばいいよ」と言われ、確かにそうだと思いました。また、拙品を購入してくださった方に感謝します。
"Fantastic Plants 3"

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Slight improvement

It is almost covered with the first layer.  From this point, I'll keep pasting tiny paper pieces on and on, until I find the right phase.  My criterion of the right phase is the beautiful image which seems to have been there by nature.
The first layer already consists of small layers.  This time, I've been trying to create more  variety of textures include those borderlines and roughness between each pieces of torn papers. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Starting a new piece

Above image will be completed as "Fantastic Plants 4" someday in near future. Those pieces of colored papers were pasted on a "14.33×20.28"inches paper board at the very beginning to decide the overall composition.  Hope this stage won't be taken as the best after all, but it is true that the image in progress sometimes looks better than the finished one.

Japanese colored papers are the only material for my recent works.  They are torn into tiny pieces by hands and pasted on paper boards with acrylic resin.  Once I tried mixed media, like using acrylic paintings, minerals, plants, and composed them in photoshop after scanning.  But while discovering various effects with papers, I needed to simplify my painting tools and materials to see its limit and possibility.  
I believe limited situation often induces more refined results.

Torn colored papers are sorted by different tone of colors into six boxes;  red, yellow, blue, green, white, and above box has the rest of neutral tints as purple, brown and grey, which obviously occupies much space.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fantastic Plants 3

"Fantastic Plants 3"/Miki Ohno

Torn Japanese colored paper and acrylic resin on 15.75 × 21.85 inches paper board.

I see and learn something new after the completion, little by little.  That's may be why I can try the next piece.

Ziggy, weighs 11.02 lb now trying to be a penguin boy.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Little by little

A Part of "Fantastic Plants 3"

Above is a small part from the painting on 15×21 inches paper board, which is relatively a big piece in my recent works.  While painting in a spacious paper field and trying to grab the overall layout, I stick on tiny areas to complete my tiny adherence to colors and texture.  Those combination of colors and textures are often found in nature, such as the view on minerals in section, and sometimes on artificial materials as decayed walls.  Many people have their own adherence and some people want to share it by reproducing into art as paintings, photographs and fashion design.  I think it is quite an unique activity which makes humans as they are. 

On the other hand, Ziggy doesn't waste his time on such nonsense.  He's been the art of gravity and soft texture like the melting stuff painted by Salvador Dali.