Painting Journals with Japanese colored papers.
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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fantastic Plants 2

"Fantastic Plants 2"/Miki Ohno

Torn Japanese colored paper and acrylic resin on 10.12 × 14.33 inches paper board.

Ziggy had almost reached adulthood since he came here at three months old.

His head and muzzles are getting bigger and rounder, as what I like about the features of British short hair.


  1. So beautiful- both the art and the cats.
    Fantastic Plants 2 has the most appealing stained glass effect.

  2. Ziggy reminds me of my cat ChiChi, from years ago. Such soft fur and loud purr. Your work is always so lovely!

  3. Thank you Stephanie,

    I'm glad that you mentioned the glass-like effect which I often elaborate.

    Thank you Carole,

    Ziggy surely purrs loud. I was also impressed so much by the cutest photo of napping in your blog.