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Saturday, March 5, 2022

Pareidolia of landscape

I like the culture of appreciating the Pareidolia phenomenon, such as the views of the horizon, celestial bodies, buildings and trees that appear in the cross-sections of Paegina stones and discoloration of ceramic ware. The moment when I am fascinated by the fake scenery created by Pareidolia is a truly exciting experience with slight anxiety that my mind flies beyond space-time and is likely to be taken away to a distant world.


During creation, I cherish the microcosm of Pareidolia that emerges from the layers of Japanese paper. Below piece looks like a distant view of the city.


Landscape 220305

 Torn Japanese colored paper and acrylic resin on 16×12 inches canvas

41cm×32cm カンバスに和紙・アクリル樹脂

Below is a Paegina stone purchased in Paris. The owner, Claude Boullé, a fantasy minerallogist, had been to Italy to cut out stones so I couldn't meet him.

以下の写真はパリで購入したパエジナストーン。店主の幻想鉱物学者Claude Boulléさんはイタリアへ石を切り出しに出かけていてお会い出来ませんでした。

In the upper section, you can see steep cliffs, the sea coast and dark clouds in the sky. In the lower section, you might find tent-like objects, figures in the vast wilderness, and houses in the distance.


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