Artwork journals with Japanese colored papers.

Artwork journals with Japanese colored papers.

Thursday, July 15, 2021

From the end of rainy season to humid summer




Torn Japanese colored paper and acrylic resin on 7×7 inches canvas
18cm×18cm スクエアカンバスに和紙・アクリル樹脂

The rainy season ends in mid-July, and the humid summer begins.
Summer in Japan, where the discomfort index is high, various beautiful traditions for cooling have been passed on.
Some of them have been introduced from Buddhist culture from other humid Asian countries as Thailand, Vietnam and China.
Below are some of my favorite cooling traditions from the rainy season to summer.

Hand water bowl with lotus floating.
Hydrangea with rain dew and Japanese sweets which imitate such seasonal views in the garden.
Fishbowl with goldfish.
Beautiful Japanese cuisine with Japanese ginger, eggplant, and herbs.
Bronze wind chime sound.
The sound of Suikinkutsu: Japanese garden ornament and music device with water drips.

In Japan, there is a culture in which each tradition is loved from various angles by making full use of sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste. It is multi-layered and complex, like a seasonal symphony. However, the stage equipment should be quite simple to gain more pleasures of appreciation.  For example, in a very simple Japanese tea room, the moment you receive tea from a tea set with a smooth and organic shape that fits comfortably in your palm, you will be surrounded by many pleasant information abundant as stars. You can trip to the galaxy with a cup of tea in a small, simple and quiet tea room. 

The more we narrow down the surrounding items and pursue the aesthetics of subtraction, the more sensation we can get. At the moment when we are surrounded by a small number of items and encounter blanks or margins, we tend to knit quotations of dreams, delusions, and memories to fill the gaps. The more memories we cite as we get older, the more we will be able to spend rich time of deep appreciation, by just standing there with fewer items. The moment I see a waterfowl flying off the surface of the river, I would cite some haiku, music, movies, literary passages, and my bitter memories, to taste sensations as pathos, ennui and vanity.




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